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San Francisco

Things since May day have been good. I got a Full Metal Alchemist poster, cotton candy, kettle corn and we also took pictrues. :) The social sciences club went to San Francisco yesterdasy. I woke ip at 5:30 to get ready. We didn't get home until 10. The people I got a ride with were cool. We were listening to Nightwish and other bands that I also liked the whole way. We went to UCSF and saw around there. Then we went to Pier 39. It was awesome. We did so much walking I'm sore. I'll post pictures later. How are you? :)
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Bowls are super edit

I'll edit this later hehe. I have a test in a little bit for my class. I'll write a longer entry when I get home.

Feb 16th

Okay I edit a few days later. lol Sorry I wasn't expecting how the
test was going to be. It was long too. I got a 70. The past few weeks
were alright. There was the superbowl. The 49ers lost ;_; Oh well it was
pretty close.

We had went to Cori's boyfriends house for the game. Hugo has a float
screen so yeah. Cori is a real good cook. She had made baked Jalapenos
stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.

There was chips she made dip and chicken as well.

It was delicious.

Lately my fandoms have been having lots of scandals. One of them
would be Miichan scandal. You probably heard about it it's been all over
the news apparently. Idols aren't supposed to date (really it's date
but don't get caught)

Some stupid tabloid snapped a pic of her coming out of some dudes
house. It could have blown over, but then she ended up shaving her head
(this does have cultural significance in Japan) as a way to show she was
ashamed which kind of makes sense because she's been with the group
since the beginning and she probably feels like she was a bad example to
younger members.

Then someone in management posted a video of her apologizing which I
think was too much. They say that they tried to stop her but by then it
was too late. In that case video or not people would have found out but
video was too much.

Well she got demoted which would have happened regardless of the
whole thing with her hair. Though that's progressive. If someone in a
idol group got caught dating or something back in the day you would have
been fired.

I don't agree with the rule but can't really do much about it. Well
she's back to performing so that's good. Her fans are supporting her.
Unlike how some people think we aren't all crazy lol.

*old school hippie voice* I just wanna listen to the music now maaaannn.

I want some Mexican food.

I watched Lord Of The Rings with Ros. She liked it. She read the books when she was in school.

I'm excited for the new season of Psych soon yay!

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A lot of things

I cleaned my room a bit more but Cori and Sol are going to move soon
which means I will have my old room back so I'm waiting for that.  The
other day I got the internet back up. It's in my name which is the first
time a bill has been in my name that's not medical or online related
hehe. The internet tech was nice and luckily the box he set up had the
Wifi built in so I didn't have to use my router which is cool. The first
one was kind of defective so we talked tech stuff while it loaded. Then
he went and got one that worked. The other day I went out of town and
had ment this person in person who can help me get a job. However I
think I may go to school full time which they will help with. After that
we went to some wing place called Wing Stop which was really good.

Yesterday I got Assassin's Creed Revelations (with the first
Assassin's Creed) Final Fantasy XIII-2 and The Elder Scrolls IV:
Oblivion for really cheap. I still have to get pretty much everyone
else's Christmas presents although with how my card is the gifts might
be bought after Christmas since I'm waiting on transactions to go

Sol had a Christmas play at school. He was an elf. Cori went to the
apartment today we cleaned a little bit but the place needs a lot of
work. Then we got home and I watched Julie & Julia before going to
Cori's room where we both fell asleep watching TV. I had  ment to play
Oblivion but I was too tired. The other day I watched The Raven.

I reset the laptop yesterday to how it was in factory condition in hopes that it works faster.

We have a new edition to the family named Biscuit who is part lab and
Chiuhauha. At first Sol called him Cool Guy but after we said try to
think of a better name he picked Biscuit. I have to get a good picture
of him by himself and show you. :)

The other day that shooting occurred. It's so sad. I don't see how
people can do those things. I really hope it is a wake up call for us
that we need to try and do something.
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Move again

Well I'm back at my folks house for now. Those months went by quick. I miss my roommates already. The room is a mess right now. Yay boxes. I got a new phone on black Friday. I have to set up internet here and still try and fix the computer. I'll try some links I've been given. I'll try and update from my phone too.

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It's cold outside and other things.

Hey how is everyone? The good? I got my Halloween costume. I'm supposed to be a Bohemian girl. It's been cold outside, which isn't bad but not exactly good either depending on how you look at it. The bad thing is I got a computer virus I think. This morning when I woke up I was going to finish downloading the free to play Left For Dead 2 off of Steam but I got a bunch of pink lines and some freezing instead. After running about 6 different types of programs I think I found what was the problem. Somehow I downloaded a toolbar called Funmoods. I looked it up and it is a virus so if you see anything like that be sure to delete it. I still have moving pink lines on my screen so I'm updating from my PS3. I hope I can get someone to fix the problem I have a paper I need to work on. Luckily I can use my friends compuer but I'll still need it fixed. I don't think the lines are from the monitor because I unplugged it and plugged it back in.

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They are shiny

I slept in. Then when I got up I had a couple slices of Pizza which wasn't that great but it was okay. Then we went out and did some errands and ate at Dennys which was delicious. I had fish broccoli and rice which I did not finish so we brought it home. Everyone brought home there leftovers too.

We ended up going to Walmart where there is this

Since I've been there a couple times and kept seeing it I went ahead and bought Bad 25 and the Wembley DVD.

 K and F went to the local football game so I stayed home and cleaned some. My other roommate made some chicken and rice and gave me some which I did not finish because I am still full but I'll put it away. While cleaning I listened to the bonus disc of Bad 25. The songs are great and even the Smooth Criminal demo Al Capone is good which I knew it would be lol.

I love that man, seriously.

Ahem, I haven't watched the DVD yet I think I'll watch it on Sunday together with my family so we can all see it at once.

The title of this entry is because the covers of the CD and DVD are shiny.

My back is hurting so I'm going to bed. Good night.

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So I've been catching up on The Walking Dead. Wow. This weekend was good. i spent it with the family. Today I went through my closet which is a mess. I have very few hangers. I have a feeling the coffee I'm drinking is making me jittery. Last night I looked into the Aztec religion and like other forums of Paganism it too has it's practitioners. Of course not all the same ceremonies are followed due to laws etc. but it was interesting. I didn't feel any pull to it however so I'm going to look at other paths that can hold my interest more.

Spicy showed me this site with the Quran. It has it in different languages as well. Here. I've only read a little of it so far.

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It is cold

So today was a cold day. I got registered for Sociology next semester. I hope that goes well. I think I did good on my midterm. I've caught up with watching the show Bones, and NCIS has been good. Do you watch either of those? I need to catch up on The Walking Dead.

Last entry I mentioned looking at different religions.  I looked at Norse Mythology and there is a religion called Asatru (Sometimes called Heathenism), which has to do with the Norse Gods such as Thor etc. There were some interesting and bad things I found in my research. The interesting thing was the Nine Noble Virtues and how holidays are celebrated. The bad is a lot of racists try and claim to be Asatru and it seems like it's prevalent in prisons. There are racist Asatru groups as well. Then there are groups that try and hide there racism but if you do enough research some of the things they say sounds iffy.

Then there are people who think Asatru should be left to only people of Germanic decent and if your not then you should find "your own way." These are called Folkish. I could go into the problems with things like that but maybe later.

Then there are people who are Universalists who think discriminating against someone because of their akin color and origin is wrong and say anyone can join those who use Asatru for hate are wrong.

That sounds about right to me.

A good place is The Troth they don't discriminate.

The gods are in different groups

the Aesir (or gods of the sky) who people in Asatru follow which includes Odin, Thor etc. They live in Asgard.

The Vanir (gods of the land) who people in Asatru also follow. If you follow only the Vanir apparently you are called Vanatru. They live in Vanaheimr

Then there are the gods of the underworld and people who follow them are called Rokkatru.

Where humans are is called Midgard.

There is a bunch of sagas and also There is the poetic Edda and The prose Edda which is a lot of reading so if you want to hear Norse Mythology in sound form instead listen to this.

Another religion I read some about was Greek and Roman Paganism. There's this place I think in the US called Nova Roma which is like a micronation that is supposed to be a lot like Rome. Seems interesting.

Then I started looking at different Micronations lol.

Anyway, I'm going to bed. I hope your day went well, Good night.

Title: It's cold! Finally and it rained some yesterday too.