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"The hardest person to know is yourself."
It is cold 
12th-Oct-2012 10:48 pm
Sayaka Mushi

So today was a cold day. I got registered for Sociology next semester. I hope that goes well. I think I did good on my midterm. I've caught up with watching the show Bones, and NCIS has been good. Do you watch either of those? I need to catch up on The Walking Dead.

Last entry I mentioned looking at different religions.  I looked at Norse Mythology and there is a religion called Asatru (Sometimes called Heathenism), which has to do with the Norse Gods such as Thor etc. There were some interesting and bad things I found in my research. The interesting thing was the Nine Noble Virtues and how holidays are celebrated. The bad is a lot of racists try and claim to be Asatru and it seems like it's prevalent in prisons. There are racist Asatru groups as well. Then there are groups that try and hide there racism but if you do enough research some of the things they say sounds iffy.

Then there are people who think Asatru should be left to only people of Germanic decent and if your not then you should find "your own way." These are called Folkish. I could go into the problems with things like that but maybe later.

Then there are people who are Universalists who think discriminating against someone because of their akin color and origin is wrong and say anyone can join those who use Asatru for hate are wrong.

That sounds about right to me.

A good place is The Troth they don't discriminate.

The gods are in different groups

the Aesir (or gods of the sky) who people in Asatru follow which includes Odin, Thor etc. They live in Asgard.

The Vanir (gods of the land) who people in Asatru also follow. If you follow only the Vanir apparently you are called Vanatru. They live in Vanaheimr

Then there are the gods of the underworld and people who follow them are called Rokkatru.

Where humans are is called Midgard.

There is a bunch of sagas and also There is the poetic Edda and The prose Edda which is a lot of reading so if you want to hear Norse Mythology in sound form instead listen to this.

Another religion I read some about was Greek and Roman Paganism. There's this place I think in the US called Nova Roma which is like a micronation that is supposed to be a lot like Rome. Seems interesting.

Then I started looking at different Micronations lol.

Anyway, I'm going to bed. I hope your day went well, Good night.

Title: It's cold! Finally and it rained some yesterday too.

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13th-Oct-2012 09:26 pm (UTC)
Right on. I don't know too many people who follow Bones, it's good to know another fan. Do you have a favorite charcter? For NCIS I like Abby, Gibbs and Ziva a lot. For Bones I like Bones and Angela. I suppose I like all the characters for both shows just some a little less. I've always liked to find out as much about other cultures as possible. I think it's good to learn. As a religion I stumbled on Asatru by chance when wanting to look at Pre Christian religions

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