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"The hardest person to know is yourself."
Bowls are super edit 
11th-Feb-2013 09:37 am
Sayaka Mushi
I'll edit this later hehe. I have a test in a little bit for my class. I'll write a longer entry when I get home.

Feb 16th

Okay I edit a few days later. lol Sorry I wasn't expecting how the
test was going to be. It was long too. I got a 70. The past few weeks
were alright. There was the superbowl. The 49ers lost ;_; Oh well it was
pretty close.

We had went to Cori's boyfriends house for the game. Hugo has a float
screen so yeah. Cori is a real good cook. She had made baked Jalapenos
stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.

There was chips she made dip and chicken as well.

It was delicious.

Lately my fandoms have been having lots of scandals. One of them
would be Miichan scandal. You probably heard about it it's been all over
the news apparently. Idols aren't supposed to date (really it's date
but don't get caught)

Some stupid tabloid snapped a pic of her coming out of some dudes
house. It could have blown over, but then she ended up shaving her head
(this does have cultural significance in Japan) as a way to show she was
ashamed which kind of makes sense because she's been with the group
since the beginning and she probably feels like she was a bad example to
younger members.

Then someone in management posted a video of her apologizing which I
think was too much. They say that they tried to stop her but by then it
was too late. In that case video or not people would have found out but
video was too much.

Well she got demoted which would have happened regardless of the
whole thing with her hair. Though that's progressive. If someone in a
idol group got caught dating or something back in the day you would have
been fired.

I don't agree with the rule but can't really do much about it. Well
she's back to performing so that's good. Her fans are supporting her.
Unlike how some people think we aren't all crazy lol.

*old school hippie voice* I just wanna listen to the music now maaaannn.

I want some Mexican food.

I watched Lord Of The Rings with Ros. She liked it. She read the books when she was in school.

I'm excited for the new season of Psych soon yay!

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